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Halloween Party Food Part 3 / Comidas creativas para Halloween, parte 3.

Today Part 3 of my  Halloween food series, this time clearly focused on children, with fancy decoration and as spooky as possible.  The whole series meant weeks of preparation, prop

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Interview on Shutterstock / Entrevista para Shutterstock

Just got my second interview on Shutterstock this year, glad they found out I do exist! Mi segunda entrevista para Shutterstock en lo que va de año,  parece que se

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Halloween Party Food, Part 2 / Comidas creativas para Halloween, Parte 2

Here goes part 2 of my series on Halloween party food. This time it is mostly about treats, sweets and desserts and it includes both traditional regional dishes as well

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Halloween Party Food, Part 1 / Comidas creativas para Halloween, Parte 1

We are getting there, holiday season is about to start, with all its more or less tasteful celebrations, traditions and… foooooood!!!!!  Those who follow me will know that I have

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Pelota action

Our local fiestas mean marching bands, firecrackers, open air paella competitions and, in the afternoon, traditional pelota tournaments on the main old town street. Strong guys with iron hands exchanging

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I love Spain

What is going on in my beloved Spain is beyond any decently rational comprehension.  I love Spain. So today just a few photographs of my favourite country . Lo que

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Summer End / Final de Verano

Beaches going empty,  cloudy skies, wind gusts, the odd storm, forgotten beach items, tourists away in their home countries working hard to spend the next busy sweaty summer on some

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Making a living from photography is not only a (increasingly steep) challenge but hard to predict when it comes to what works best commercially. When I am on artistic mode

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Walking / Caminando

People walking, a street photography subject as any  other.  Hurried, with ailments, strolling, minding their phone, minding some juicy behind, minding their own, sightseeing, working out.  Just people walking. Gente

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Autumn / Otoño

21st of September, its autumn!!  Exclamation marks because its my favourite season of the year, scorching hot summer is not my thing, so when this time of the year arrives

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